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Bring life to your stories
Create animated, interactive content with ease.
  • No coding!
  • Easy control of the workflow - no timeline, quick results
  • Create lots of interacitivity in an easy way
  • Handles all types of stories: Short or long, simple or complex
  • Animate text, graphics, images, sound and video
  • Drag'n drop'n wysiwyg production
  • Runs smoothly on all devices, also mobile phones
  • Responsive, view demo: Both X&Y » | Only X »
  • Javascript/html/css animation, no software installation
  • Produce on PC, Mac or tablet
  • Add your own custom jQuery or GreenSock code
  • Create one story for FREE (limited size)

Coming soon! is for
• Interactive designers • UI/UX people • Developers • Web designers • Media producers • Presentation Journalists
• Any other talented Journalists • Educators • Presenters • Anyone who has a story to tell. Probably you!
What can you create with
• Linear stories • Non-linear, interactive stories • Multi video-/image-/text viewers • Ads in all forms • Carousels in all form • Tutorials • Steptorials • Simple games • Quizes, tests and interactive puzzles • Statistics viewers • Journalistic stories • Product presentations • Presentation of crowdsourced information • Google Maps with anything on top of it • Sprite animations • Stories with draggable/droppable elements • Prezi-like presentations • Just about anything you can think of.
No coding skills needed
You can produce stunning stories with without any programming, coding or scripting nowledge or skills.
If you DO know javascript, you may add custom code anywhere in the story. We also provide you with jQuery and Greensock; just add your own code to create additional impressive effects.
No timeline, quick results
When deadline is looming, is the right tool. Since it's online (SaaS), it's always available everywhere.
Type in some text and upload some images. Move the objects around, change color, size, opacity, speed, rotation, shadows etc. Make it all smoother and more natural looking with easing.
Trigger movements or events simply by entering numbers into a field. You can trigger anything from anywhere. When you get the hang of it, it's easy! There is no timeline, you just have to decide what should happen before or after something else - and add a trigger.
You don't have to worry about code syntax, intricate loops or nesting structures. Just enter numbers to make things happen. is a time saver in real life situations.
Short or long - simple or complex handles both equally well. The Story is divided into slides (like PowerPoint) and you work with one slide at the time. Two slides can run at the same time on top of each other, when needed.
Keeping track of triggering and interactivity is equally easy: Since only one slides is in focus at the time, you too only focus on what's going on in that particular slide. You can jump back and forth between slides anytime.
Loooong stories should be divided into shorter parts. You start the next part from the previous. That way only a small amount of data is loaded at a time, and the story can go on for hours (or years if you prefer).
Take the story with you
When you are done creating, just hit the Download button and save the files on a server or on your local computer. Point your browser to the html-file, and the story runs - online or locally. is where you do the production. The finished result is independent of the tool.
The easiest way to implement the story on a web page is by using an <iframe>, like you embed e.g. a Youtube video. Put as many stories on a single page as you like.
Responsive, cross browser & platform
We are using Greensock as the animation engine. It's all done with CSS, html and javascript - which means that your story will run as smoothly as possible almost everywhere.
When you download the finished story, you can have it in three flavours:
  1. Fixed size - as you created it
  2. ReponsiveX: The width adjusts automatically to the window size or the containing object, the aspect ratio is kept. View demo »
  3. Reponsive: Both the width and the hight adjusts automatically to the window size or the containing object. View demo »
Video and Audio
You can insert any Youtube video just by entering its ID and setting the size. Then it can be animated and formatted like any other element in your story.
Sound is just as easy: Upload an mp3-file and the play-button appears automatically. Make it look like the cat's nose, if you like. We are using jPlayer »
One story for free!
We want you to test and see if it's something for you. The first story is free - with a limited number of slides and objects.
To use the tool more extensively, you need to subscribe ». For a limited period we are also seeking Beta Testers »
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