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NorwayAftenposten ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:25
Image -I am very happy that we were saved. It was a dangerous process
NorwayDagbladet ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:21
Here comes the white shark ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:19
Image Immerse passenger craft at the port of Kissamos
ThailandDaily News ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:16
Sex MOM forgot to feed the ball nearly starve to death.Teen MOM forgot to enter a 4-year-old son food almost starve to death. After the dull but took the time to "go have sex with a new lover. Fortunately, the police informed to help children escape just about stayed quite offensive to a rat's nest. ▶
SpainLa Vanguardia ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:16
Trias ensures that Fernandez Diaz confirmed to the media the alleged account in SwitzerlandThe mayor says that you have reason to expand the lawsuit and made him Minister became upset when some way doubted the veracity and replied that it would not publish it ▶
BelgiumLe Soir ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:14
According to the MRI, the risks of blackouts this winter are limitedeconomy for the Royal Institute of meteorology, this winter temperatures should be close to normal. ▶
IsraelHaaretz ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:13
Ten professional schools don't understand why angry ShalomWhen you have finished 12 years of defeats and become cashiers, professional educators have to catch up and claim that there is an opportunity for social justice ▶
EgyptAl-Wafd ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:13
1000 Government building solar coming soonDr. Mohamed Shaker electricity Minister to a government building will work through solar energy. ... [ ▶
ThailandKhao Sod ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:11
' Peak ' tears to moisten accepts quit ' real ' mogul rounded Center baiyoke is 3.
GermanySüddeutsche Zeitung ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:09
Before 9 min. NPD in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania successful right-wing KaloudisNo matter whether children's parties or smear campaign against asylum seekers - the far-right NPD is nowhere more active than in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Now emerged there whole Nazi villages. How is the right-wing in the Northeast ate into. By Antonie Rahiman, Schwerin more... Reportage ▶
PakistanHamariweb ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:09
[Sports] Abu Dhabi: Australia reeling at 164/6[ARY News] 01 Nov, 2014 ABU DHABI: Australia lost four batsmen in the first session of the day three of Abu Dhabi test match against Pakistan on Saturday, ARY News reports. ▶
GermanyDie Welt ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:09
Image Japan launches new round in the global currency warTo print more money, with their announcement brings the Central Bank in Tokyo markets flowing. The yen breaks, the Dow Jones rises to a record level - and the ECB has a new problem. ▶
BrazilVeja ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:08
Accused of petrolão miram Judge Sergio LiveInvolved in the scandal that diverted billions of Petrobras moves to hinder the advancement of the investigation. The target is the magistrate responsible for the process ▶
DenmarkJyllands-Posten ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:06
Image Would you rent a room in addition to a refugee?Municipalities need help, and it must, among other things, come from the locals, it sounds in a new gambit. ▶
United KingdomThe Guardian ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:02
Image Virgin Galactic will continue after fatal SpaceShipTwo crash, vows BransonEntrepreneur behind space tourism venture visits Mojave desert base after test flight crash kills pilot ▶
RussiaRIA Novosti ▶  Sat 01. Nov 11:01
Image Heavy Artillery Heard in East Ukraine’s Donetsk Ahead of Local ElectionsThe Donetsk administration confirmed that “fierce heavy artillery fire and blasts are heard” across the entire city in Ukraines southeast. ▶
JapanAsahi Shimbun ▶  Sat 01. Nov 10:59
Image China coral poaching ships or off the Izu Islands in 120 boats
GermanyHamburger Abendblatt ▶  Sat 01. Nov 10:59
Image How two frontier explored the German history25 years after the fall of the wall the GlobeTrotter Achill Moser from the North and the Matthias Politycki writer from the South through Germany migrated. In the Harz mountains, they met on the brocken. ▶
PakistanDaily Express ▶  Sat 01. Nov 10:58
کودیئے Asian گیمزمیں good hockey players were the Punjab Government's performance at the check-in that case.
RussiaPravda ▶  Sat 01. Nov 10:54
For the first time since the 1990s, the Chechens began to call in the armyResidents of the CZECH REPUBLIC again called upon for military service in the army, recruits from Chechnya will serve in the South of Russia. ▶
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